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Unforeseen and disruptive differentiation

I’m Research is ever in search of inspiration and our thirst for innovation leads us to look into opposite and even contradictory fields and draw new and unconventional propositions from their underlying connection. As it is already acknowledged, great ideas and radical progress often come...


Applied, with a trademark

Inspiration ultimately comes from people. We are invested in creating opportunities for people to express themselves and bring their contribution to the progress of market research, our partners’ businesses and essentially the world around. By setting up and running workshops, assignments and co-creation platforms, I’m...


Visual through enticing “look & feel” of deliverables

The way research outcome is presented can often be just as important as the way it is designed or conducted. @I’m Research we have the ambition to showcase results in a visually hip and category-relevant manner, refreshing perspectives and seamlessly changing viewpoints by the use...


International Research Institutes Network (IRIS)

The International Research Institutes Network (IRIS) is the largest international network of independent market research firms in the world, with partners in 30 countries. I'm Research is the Dutch partner of the network. The partners operate with the same standards of analysis, reporting, and thus...