Future-connected perspective fueled by insight harness

I’m Research is a fusion marketing research company that straightforwardly embraces “the customizable approach”. This view blurs the frontiers between standardized marketing research tools and thus brings qual into quant research and vice versa. Our viewpoint for doing this is: quant research as much as needed while qual research as much as possible.

By employment of an integrative and synergistic vision, I’m Research makes use of progressive hybrid research tools. This way we bring a more fluid and complete understanding of the market. We are a future-connected company that aims at providing our partners with both solid knowledge of the current market conditions, as well as dynamic forecasts of emerging trends and their potential for realization. Research results are presented in a visually appealing and accessible manner, using friendly designs to further facilitate contextual understanding.

I’m Research is engaged with in the moment know-hows

I’m Research is not only a full-service research enabler that covers every research phase from frame conceptualization to data assembly and outcome generation, but also a business consulting specialist that offers upfront and custom-fit strategic solutions and communication planning. Our experienced staff and global network of creative professionals conjoin to bring our partners eye-opening and in the same time ready-to-use business solutions, leading to potential breakthrough differentiation on the market.