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Archetypes constitute timeless symbols and defining character features that are critically important in shaping the human psyche . By making use of archetypes, researchers can explore people’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviours in ways that exceed traditional qualitative methodology....



Trade-off analysis is a collection of techniques by which respondents’ utilities for various product features are evaluated. The utilities can be measured indirectly or by having the respondents explicitly tell the interviewer how important certain product features are to them....


Fusion research is just the ticket

As we are guided by the synergistic advantages of the hybrid research approach, we focus on blurring the frontiers between qualitative and quantitative methodologies. By generating a set of research gears that efficiently and insightfully blend qualitative into quantitative tools, I’m Research uses a fresh...


CONTROVERSIAL missions by nature

Being always open to progress and the future, we take on promising niche fields as well as avant-garde and innovative projects with the same confidence and professionalism as our more matter-of-fact tasks. I’m Research pushes the envelope and aims to explore and contribute to the...