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Fusion research is just the ticket

As we are guided by the synergistic advantages of the hybrid research approach, we focus on blurring the frontiers between qualitative and quantitative methodologies. By generating a set of research gears that efficiently and insightfully blend qualitative into quantitative tools, I’m Research uses a fresh...


CONTROVERSIAL missions by nature

Being always open to progress and the future, we take on promising niche fields as well as avant-garde and innovative projects with the same confidence and professionalism as our more matter-of-fact tasks. I’m Research pushes the envelope and aims to explore and contribute to the...


FOCUSED execution and delivery

We believe in conveying an insightful and intelligent diagnosis display that unbridles opportunities for efficient and ready-to-implement business proposals. We are adept at employing “the power of one page” in the sense of a synthetical and clear presentation of the research highlights that can provide...


INTEGRATED and stepped-up services

By including a next level consulting service that is delivered as a strategic and communication input, I’m Research enriches research outcomes for its partners. Extra value is added by the transformation of research essential points into ready-to-use marketing actions within the strategy blueprint....